Create an Apartment that Supports a Healthy Lifestyle


Create an Apartment that Supports a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you’ve just moved into a new apartment or want to do something new with your existing apartment, there are changes you can make so that your apartment supports a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some tips for creating an apartment that makes keeping healthy habits easier to do.

First, think about the biggest difficulties you’re facing in creating a new, healthier lifestyle. Maybe it’s that your apartment is so cluttered that you find it depressing or frustrating — you can never quite get the place clean! Maybe your kitchen isn’t set up to make home cooking easy, or your bedroom isn’t conducive to good sleep. Thinking about the parts of your lifestyle you want to change most may help you figure out potential changes in your apartment.

Here are some specific activities and suggestions for how you might make changes to your apartment to help it support a healthier lifestyle:


  • Any exercise equipment needs to be relatively accessible; if you have to struggle to remove the equipment from a closet every time you want to use it, you probably won’t. You might try clearing some space in your living room or determining a space, ideally, that you could dedicate as an exercise area.
  • If you like exercising with videos or when watching television, make sure there’s sufficient space in front of the television to perform your workout.


  • Do you keep a television set in the bedroom? If TV is interfering with your sleep, try moving the set to another room entirely.
  • Make sure your bedroom is a place to relax. Don’t work in it; if you have a studio apartment, try putting up a screen between your desk and your bed.
  • Do what you can to block out unhelpful light; consider wearing an eye mask at bedtime.
  • If you have allergies, wash your bedding frequently in hot water and look into getting protective covers for your mattress and box springs.


  • Your kitchen needs to be relatively well organized and clean if you’re going to cook in it. Maintain a clear and clean space near the sink and stove to handle food preparation. Don’t place mail or other papers on your kitchen counters.
  • If you have kitchen equipment you intend to use but rarely do, store it on higher shelves rather than on valuable counter space.
  • Clean out your refrigerator on a regular basis. Keep a permanent marker in your kitchen to label items you’ve opened or frozen, so you don’t have to guess how old they are.

Breathing well:

  • Ensure your apartment is well-ventilated, either by running fans, air, or heat, or perhaps by opening a window, if weather conditions allow.
  • Regular dusting and vacuuming will also help, especially if you’re allergic to dust and dust mites (a fairly common allergy). Don’t forget to dust hard-to-reach, easy-to-forget places, such as ceiling fans.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of mold or water damage, and report these to your community manager.

You can help yourself live a healthier life by creating an environment in your apartment that supports living well. Keep your home clean and organized so that the time you spend there only adds to the well-being you feel!

Thanks to Moving Today for the great tips!