Online Booking of Gyms, Yoga Rooms, and Pools

Per Health Authority COVID-19 Restrictions, Community Gyms & Yoga Rooms are Now Closed Until Further Notice.

We understand residents are eager to see our amenities including fitness centres and swimming pools open. However, we must ensure we have all health and safety precautions and processes in place before we open our amenities. We will only open our amenities when we can ensure we are meeting or exceeding the expectations for re-opening by both provincial and federal health authorities. As required, we will close our amenities to comply with all changing health authority regulations. This is for everyone’s safety.

We have introduced a number of new cleaning procedures, as well as social distancing protocols to protect the health and safety of our residents. While all Midwest staff have adapted these practices, you as a resident have a very important role in helping us maintain the Midwest Standard.

While using ANY shared amenities, residents must follow the Midwest Standard:

  1. Prior to arriving, residents must fill out a health screening questionnaire: Fill Out Questionnaire 
  2. Residents must use the hand sanitizer made available to sanitize their hands before entering and after leaving the shared amenity.
  3. Before and After each use, residents must spray and wipe down fitness equipment using the AIRX15 disinfectant spray bottles provided.
  4. Strict capacity requirements will be enforced. Please ask your community rental office team or refer to posted signs for capacity restriction in your community amenity. Amenities will remain closed where physical distancing is not possible or is not being respected by residents.
  5. Midwest Property Management will be placing directional arrows and other signs within each fitness centre and swimming pool.  Some equipment will be unavailable for use including mats, balls and blocks. Please be sure to bring your own if you wish to use this equipment and be sure you follow all posted signs and directional arrows.
  6. Washrooms will remain open however capacity requirements will be enforced. Lockers, showers and hair dryers will not be available, please come changed into appropriate clothing prior to entering the fitness centre or swimming pool.

The On-line Booking System is Currently Closed

In order to use any community amenity, residents must pre-book a time slot using our online booking tool. Bookings will be monitored. Do not book and not show up!

*When signing up, please click the option to “Display an alternate name on the sign up” and please only use your initials as this will be publicly visible to other residents.

  1. You can only schedule one 60 minute time slot at a time, up to a week in advance.
  2. You are limited to only the number of time slots you can schedule per week. You cannot book more than 1 time slot per day.
  3. All bookings must be done via the online portal. Community rental office teams will not be able to schedule resident amenity times.