Moving Made Easy


Moving Made Easy

Create a numeric System

Write everything down, have a dedicated notebook or excel file with spaces for every item. For each item you put in a box write it down under a numbered header. Label the box with the number and a brief description of items. Naturally keep like items together. Voila, finding things will not be a haphazard guessing game.


Describe things concise yet specific.

Meaning instead of  #1 Kitchen Stuff” have “#1 – Daily Dishes” “#2 Casserole Dishes and Tupperware”


Keep a packing supply zone dedicated

Have a small area or caddy in a designated area with the following items for packing: labels, marking pens, box tape, and other supplies. Put your numbered list in this area whenever you put it down too.


Load up on supplies beforehand.

You will need many boxes, totes, bags, tape bubble wrap, labels, packing paper etc. Better to have too many than have to run out when you’re in the “packing zone”. You can buy boxes from movers, storage companies or get boxes from your local grocers for free. Set aside approx. 5 boxes for those last minute items, such as bedding, place settings, or other daily use items.


Be mindful of the weight of the boxes.

Keep them manageable for yourself or whoever is moving them.


Use vacuum bags

Great space savers for bulky bedding, winter clothes and towels.


Colour Coded Perfection

Use various markers or sticky notes and place on each box to designate where it is to go in the new space. Have the matching label in a visible location in each applicable room. Yellow for baby room, place a yellow mark on boxes with items belonging in that space and have a yellow piece of paper on the baby room door.


Keep Personal Items Accessible

Pack a few days’ worth of toiletries and clothing in a suitcase. Moving takes time, the last thing you need is to be exhausted hunting for a pair of pj’s to wear to bed only to discover they are at the back of the van!


Cleaners on hand

Keep a caddy of cleaning supplies handy – spray bottle with vinegar water, microfiber clothes, garbage bags, recycle bags, window cleaner.


Label items KEEP, DONATE or JUNK

Label boxes and larger items this way to determine what load they are to be a part of. Make a plan to have a trip to the recycle and garbage facility, as well as a donation trip before going to your end destination.


Thanks to Bedrock Homes for these tips!