Safe Tips for Winter Driving


Safe Tips for Winter Driving

Slick roads and below freezing weather make for a typical Canadian winter. With Jack Frost making his appearance in our Canadian cities recently, here are some tips to follow to assure that you experience a safe winter.

On the Road

Arriving at your destination can be potentially difficult with all the ice and snow surrounding the city.  Start off your day by checking The Weather Network (or other sites) for current weather conditions.  This will be especially helpful for highway driving and long commutes.  Give yourself space on the road, slow down to a comfortable speed, and never rush anywhere during the winter months.  This will assure that you reach your destination safely.

Emergency Kit

Items that should be included in your vehicle emergency kit:
– Winter gloves, boots, scarf, and hat
– Blanket and extra clothing ie. Socks and an extra sweater
– Small shovel and window scraper
– Booster cables
– Extra windshield washer fluid
– Traction aid (in the event you get stuck in the snow with no one there to help)


Thank you Global Edmonton for the great tips