Yellowknife's Online Rent Payment

Midwest Property Management is proud to offer an easier way to pay rent, leaving you more time for what matters. Our secure online rent payment option is provided through our trusted service provider Letus, Powered by RentMoola. In adjusting to the changing world of social distancing and increasing convenience, we are asking residents to now pay their rent through Letus or by Cheque! Please speak with your community rental office for additional details.

Pay Your Way With Letus
Instantly set up EFT (automatic payment), Debit or Credit payments from any desktop or mobile device. With Letus, roommates can pay separately!

If you are already signed up for our Midwest EFT (automatic payment) program which was not accessible online, you will be required to switch to Letus. You must contact your Rental Office to cancel your existing EFT program with at least 7 business days notice prior to the 1st, to avoid paying your rental payment twice.

Manage Your Account In One Convenient Location
One account to view your current balance, payment history, and manage your payment accounts and schedule.

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If you need help, Letus support is available from 8 am to 5 pm MST. Call 1.888.665.8870, email or visit for support.