5 Ways To Save On Your Townhome Utilities This Winter!

It is no secret that utility costs increase in the winter when the cold weather makes it harder to keep your home warm. To avoid the winter bill crunch, follow these easy tips to lower your townhome utility costs!

1. Reduce Your Thermostat at Night

While you’re sleeping, turn your heat down a few degrees and snuggle up under a blanket! Doing so will reduce the energy needed to heat your home overnight.

2. Ensure Heating Vents and Radiators are Unobstructed

Make sure warm air can flow freely around your home by ensuring furniture, clothes, and other debris are not blocking your vent or radiators! If you have radiator heating in your home, leave 6 inches between the radiator and your furniture to increase heat circulation.

3. Create Your Own Heat With Blankets & Sweaters

Instead of upping your thermostat, wear a cozy sweater or curl up under a blanket to conserve your body heat and use less energy. Invest in a pair of slippers or reading socks to keep your toes extra warm!

4. Replace Your Furnace Filter

Increase your home’s heating ability by replacing your old furnace filter with a clean one – the increased air flow will heat your home faster and cheaper. These should be replaced at least once a year for best performance!

5. Open Your Curtains During The Day And Let The Sun Do The Work

Even in the winter, the sun’s heat can help warm up your home – just don’t forget to close the blinds again at night to reduce drafts!

At Midwest Property Management, we have 24/7 Emergency Maintenance to ensure your home never goes without heat. Our friendly and experienced maintenance technicians are just a phone call away so you can rest assured that you and your family can be safe and warm all year long.

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